We are Chris and Carrie, a married couple that are educators by trade, who made a huge discovery several years ago; bread making is way easier than we ever thought! Sure, there are bits and pieces that can get quite complicated depending on what you’re after. But, for home bakers like us, we’ve found that making a variety of delicious loaves at home is totally possible for nearly anyone and any schedule.

But why did we start this blog? Initially, when we were first getting into this hobby, a lot of content we found was quite contradictory. One online source would advise us to do the exact opposite of another. We also found that a lot of information was pretty vague, or took longer to find than we wanted. Sadly, after much trial and error, we found some information was just flat out wrong. We often were left more confused than before we started looking for answers. We’re not saying this to disparage anyone, just to share some background into what ultimately pushed us to start this blog. We wanted to answer questions that we couldn’t easily find and share what we found to encourage others along the way. Our hope is that by creating content with clear, no-nonsense facts about baking, more people will be empowered to make more home goods.

Thanks for stopping in!