We are Chris and Carrie, a married couple that made a huge discovery a couple of years ago; bread making is way easier than we thought! Sure, there are bits and pieces that can get quite complicated. But, for home bakers like us, we’ve found that making a variety of delicious loaves at home is totally possible for nearly anyone.

Initially, when we were first getting into this hobby, a lot of content we found was quite contradictory. One source would advise us to do the exact opposite of another. We also found that a lot of information was pretty vague, or took longer to find than we wanted. We’re not saying this to disparage anyone, just to share some of our frustrations. And we’re certainly not saying we’re reinventing the wheel or doing it better than others. We’re just trying to provide home bakers with clear, in depth information that will help remove the unknowns in baking. Our hope is that more people will be empowered to bake more home goods.

We’ve been doing a lot of experiments over the last couple of years, and through quite a bit of trial and error, we are attempting to answer a lot of the questions we originally had but couldn’t find straight answers to. We’re simply here to share what we have learned and what we are learning along the way. Thanks for stopping in!